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Spanish Pedro
I met Pedro when I was on a bit of vacation recently in Spain. Originally from Barcelona, this hairy leatherman now lives in southeastern Spain. He's into the local leather scene and prefers his men hairy and muscular. He's got a beautiful, meaty cock, which he had pierced two years ago. And since the original piercing, he's increased the piercing rings eight times, each time going up a guage - he's now wearing an 8 mm ring. And he loves wearing his Prince Albert when he's fucking ass or getting his cock sucked. He says that the piercing really makes things so much more sensitive. In this video, Pedro spends some time jacking his pierced cock, and then he pulls out a series of dildos and takes each one for a ride. This horny leatherman plunges each dildo to the table and squats over them; then he begins to inch the fat cock into his quivering fuck hole. It's amazing watching these big dildos disappearing deep inside Pedro's ass. But each dildo is bigger than the last. Pedro's third dildo fucking session involves a super fat and very long monster; he's only able to swallow half of this dildo up his ass. But half is all it takes for this leatherman to sprah his thick load all over the place.


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