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Hairy Leather Man - Albert
Albert Victor first appeared on Butch Dixon in a cigar-smoking gallery. The site's members loved him so much that Butch Dixon brought him back, and this time, this hairy hunk is wearing a leather harness and jockstrap. Albert has the most perfect body to show off in a leather: the harness perfectly frames his solid and hairy torso and his package bulges nicely under that leather codpiece. But we don't have to wait long to get a look under Albert's jockstrap. His dick is meaty and covered in foreskin " uncut cock lovers are going to be salivating over this one! And with a couple of tweaks of his nipples, Albert's dick is rock hard. He packs a wicked banana curve and he loves playing with every inch of it. This hairy leather man lies back on a set of clean, white sheets and pumps his cock until he shoots a creamy load all over his hairy belly.


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